Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Tension is already thick at the Dursleys with the addition of Harry’s new “pet,” Hedwig, but then a house elf named Dobby appears in Harry’s room with a mysterious warning, and threatens to upset Uncle Vernon with his racket on the night of a very important business dinner. At Diagon Alley, Harry not only has a nasty run-in with Draco’s arrogant father, but the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is present as well, a self-absorbed braggart named Gilderoy Lockhart who desires fame enough to go to any lengths for it. At the school, there is a terrifying rumor about a child who died fifty years ago because of a monster still living inside the Chamber of Secrets. Harry must use his abilities and overcome the scorn of his peers to try to save a dear friend from dying when the chamber is reopened by the heir of Slytherin.

Similar Recommended Readings:

The next book in the series is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of .Azkaban The previous is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. In addition to this series, J. K. Rowling has also written the screenplay Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and the adult fiction novel, A Casual Vacancy.

The Bell at Sealey Head and The Changeling Sea by Patricia McKillip are also about young adults discovering magic worlds and helping to save them or those trapped in them.

Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey is about a girl who discovers the magic of creatures called fire lizards, cousins to the mighty dragons.

Themed Recipe:

On the last evening of summer vacation, “Mrs. Weasley conjured up a sumptuous dinner that included all of Harry’s favorite things, ending with a mouthwatering treacle pudding.” Hagrid also made treacle tarts that could glue your mouth together. I have taken the main ingredients from a treacle pudding tart and used them in a cupcake.

Treacle Tart Cupcakes with Golden Lemon Frosting


  • salted butter
  • brown sugar
  • Lyle’s golden dessert syrup
  • milk
  • sour cream
  • one medium lemon
  • molasses
  • vanilla extract
  • large eggs
  • all-purpose flour
  • baking soda
  • baking powder
  • powdered sugar

For the full recipe and instructions, visit https://owlcation.com/humanities/jk-rowlings-harry-potter-and-the-chamber-of-secrets.


Discussion Questions:

  1. What was Arthur Weasley’s connection between the law about enchanting muggle objects and his flying car? How did the enchantment on the car save Harry twice?
  2. For more discussion questions, visit https://owlcation.com/humanities/jk-rowlings-harry-potter-and-the-chamber-of-secrets.

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